IT Integration Specialist

Date:  Jul 3, 2024


Damiani Group, one of the main international players in jewelry, is looking for a: IT Integration Specialist.


The candidate will be responsible for the management of systems by carrying out development activities and integration of systems/apps cooperating and supporting the growing of the Company IT architecture.
The candidate should be able to understand how the Company applications work, what is required for it to function properly, and know which parts are responsible for different functions on the site. The candidate needs to possess good communication skills as well. The person who will work with us has to be creative enough to come up with new ideas that can help us improve the global environment.The candidate will be placed in a team and will work with other colleagues who are located both at the main headquarters and at other locations within the Group. 


o Analytical Skills: The candidate should excel in analyzing complex problems and making informed decisions.o Java Language: Strong knowledge of Java is essential for developing and maintaining applications.
o ESB Solution Flows: Understanding how to define and manage flows within an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is crucial.
o Java Web Development: Proficiency in Servlets, JSP, JSTL, and Tomcat for web application development.
o Relational Databases and SQL: Knowledge of working with databases and writing SQL queries.
o Java Microservices and Architecture: Familiarity with microservices and their architecture.
o Junit and Build Tools (ANT and Maven): Experience with testing frameworks and build automation tools.
o Client Needs Analysis: Ability to collect and analyze client requirements and communicate effectively with technical and functional stakeholders.

Optional Requirements:
o SOAP and REST Web Services: Experience with both SOAP and RESTful APIs.
o Technologies (SAP, SAS, Oracle DB, MySQL, JavaScript, Git, CVS, XSL): Familiarity with these technologies can be advantageous.
o Web Platform Troubleshooting: Solving technical issues related to web platforms and plugin compatibility.
o Docker Knowledge: Understanding containerization using Docker.
o Agile Methodology: Experience working in an agile development environment.
o NoSQL Databases (e.g., MongoDB): Knowledge of NoSQL databases.
o Tool Proficiency (Eclipse, Postman, MS Office): Ability to use development tools effectively.
o Integration Capabilities.

o Effective Time Management (Project Management).
o Professionalism (reliability, accountability and ethical conduct).
o Collaboration and Idea Sharing: Working well with others and contributing to common goals.
o Clear communication and active listening both in Italian and in English.
o Problem solving.
o Passion and Proactive Mindset.